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Gala - From a distance they appear like a peach.  Developed in New Zealand through a chance cross with Golden Delicious.  Dehydrates well and favored in cider.  

Jonagold - Rich, honeyed, aromatic flavor;  crisp, juicy, nearly yellow flesh.  With it's aroma of Golden Delicious and sprightliness of Jonathan it is an excellenct sweet-tart dessert apple which also makes an excellent pie. 

Liberty - Firm sweet / tart apple.  This relative of the McIntosh is resistant to disease

Rubenstar  -  Discovered in 1980 near Gaiberg, Germany.  Easily confused with Jonagold, Rubinstar displays a deep red skin when ripe and a somewhat more rounded shape than its parent, the Jonagold.  Favored eating, cider, or baking apple.

Parkdale Beauty - A chance seedling discovered near Parker, Washington.  The flesh is notably crisp, firm and juicy with a mild, sweet tasted, often enjoyed with assorted cheese.   Will store for a month or so but should be used by Christmas.

Italian Prunes  -  Dehydrate, juice, or can.

An apple should contain 10 seeds if adequate bees were present during blossom.
Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman September 26, 1774, gathered his seeds from cider mills.

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